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When to Increase Your Home Insurance Coverage

When you remodel or refurbish your home, you need to update your insurance coverage with Curtis Miller Insurance of Parkersburg, WV. Your home improvements increase the home’s value which otherwise would not be covered without a policy update.

We do not mean a simple update like replacing the kitchen fixtures, but something more major such as adding a deck or porch. If you remodel your kitchen with a new island and update all the appliances, you would need to increase your insurance coverage.

Another instance where you need to update and add coverage is adding a room or building an addition. The same truth applies if you convert a room. Converting a walk-in closet or dressing room to a bathroom significantly changes your home’s value. Home appraisals consider the number of bedrooms and bathrooms as a key criterion, so by adding a bathroom, you significantly raise the value of your home. This one gets people because converting a room did not change the square footage of the home.

When you alter your home to make it wheelchair accessible or convert to a smart home, you similarly raise the home’s value. This modernization requires added insurance to cover its technology.

Repainting the rooms or wallpapering does not fall into the same category. Though it pretties up the place, you do add much to the appraisal value of the home.

If you have a renovation or remodeling planned, contact Curtis Miller Insurance serving Parkersburg, WV to learn whether you need to increase your home insurance coverage and when. You may need a construction policy to cover your home while it undergoes updates, then you will need the added home insurance coverage once the work is finished.

What Are the Benefits of Having a Video Inventory?

Video inventories are becoming powerful tools that can help homeowners keep an accurate record of their valuables. This is an excellent way to recover your items if they are ever stolen or replace them if they are lost in a fire. The agents at Curtis Miller Insurance can show Parkersburg, WV residents how to accurately document their items with a video inventory.

Proof of Ownership

Having a video inventory that is time-stamped can be used to prove that you owned the item in question during a specific time period. While you may not have the receipt or the box that item came in, a video inventory that shows it among your other possessions is often all the proof that is needed.

Verification of Condition

When taking a video inventory, you can get close-up footage of existing damage or general wear and tear. You can also prove that an item has no damage whatsoever, depending on the situation. 

Record Important information

Another valuable benefit of having a video inventory is that you can capture images of each item’s serial numbers and other important information that is located on the device. You can also narrate the video and include any comments about the items being recorded. 

A copy of your video inventory should be given to your insurance agent. You should also keep a copy for yourself and store it in a safe place. The agents of Curtis Miller Insurance offer recommendations on how to perform a video inventory to their clients who live in or near Parkersburg, WV. Contact an agent today and set up a meeting to discuss your insurance needs and if a video inventory will be helpful.

Top Reasons for Filing a Homeowners Insurance Claim in WV

Having homeowners insurance from Curtis Miller Insurance can be a real life saver when the time calls for filing a claim for damage to your property or if a liability arises and you need coverage. If you live in Parkersburg, WV then you should get in touch with an agent regarding home insurance. Find out what the top reasons people are for filing a claim in West Virginia. 

Storm or Severe Weather Damages

Violent storms, challenging weather, and high winds are among the top reasons for filing a claim with a homeowners insurance company to repairs done at West Virginia homes that were covered. Some homeowners get flood protection, but that is a different type of policy. If you have questions about the difference, you can contact an agent at Curtis Miller Insurance to learn more. Be sure to assess damage from rain, snow, hail, wind, dust/debris, down trees or other damages from storms. 

Water Damage

Aside from floods, water can damage your home in more ways. Pipes can burst within the home and cause a lot of damage to your property, in which case a claim should be filed with your home insurance provider. Getting a sump pump installed can relieve problems with water associated with bad weather, drainage problems, backups or leaks at the home. 

Fire Damage

Fire damage remains among the top reasons for filing a homeowners insurance claim. Fire can have a disastrous impact on personal property and can destroy an entire home and its contents inside. The smoke can also do a lot of damage. Claims should be filed right away after a fire at your home. Do not wait. Get in touch with an agent to find out what type of coverage options are available for you in Parkersburg, WV. 

How Many Different Policies Can be Included in an Umbrella Policy?

If you live in the Parkersburg, WV area or any of the surrounding communities, you can contact Curtis Miller Insurance agency for all of your commercial insurance needs. This includes umbrella coverage that is designed to group several policies together and extend the limits of certain types of coverage that may be needed if a situation is more severe than first expected. 

Types of Coverage Included in an Umbrella Coverage

An umbrella policy can include many different types of coverage including commercial liability, fleet insurance, Workers Compensation, health insurance, inventory insurance, and property damage insurance on the buildings and equipment. These policies are offered singly or can be grouped together to create a comprehensive policy that allows you to protect your business with one, well-organized form of coverage known as an umbrella policy.

Extended Coverage on Existing Policies

One of the benefits of an umbrella policy is that it can include an additional layer of coverage that can be used if the limits of one of the policies are exceeded. This is designed to protect your company from devastating financial loss that results from an injury to another person or extensive damage to company property.

The agents of Curtis Miller Insurance encourage you to call their office and schedule a review of your existing commercial insurance policy if you live in the Parkersburg, WV area. A review allows them to evaluate your policy and make changes that are needed to bring your commercial insurance up to date. An umbrella policy may be recommended if your business has grown substantially. Call and schedule your appointment today!

Trampolines, Swimming Pools, and Play Sets — Oh, My!

Many childhood dreams include jumping on trampolines, swimming on hot summer days, and climbing play sets with friends. As adults, it’s great to have an area to send the kids to burn off energy in the privacy of your own yard. Residents of Parkersburg, WV can rely on Curtis Miller Insurance to help them navigate proper insurance coverage for their play areas.

Does my home insurance policy cover my play area?

The only way to find out is to ask. Insurance companies have different requirements for covering trampolines and swimming pools. Some companies have no exclusions, meaning your regular homeowner’s insurance has adequate liability coverage to handle injuries if you are found legally liable for the medical bills. The next step up is coverage with specific safety precautions. Things like fences with child-proof/locked gates surrounding either the whole yard or the specific equipment may be required. Trampolines may have to have a net enclosure. There are a few agencies that will not provide coverage at all if a trampoline is brought onto the property and it can result in non-renewal of your policy. The best thing you can do is talk to your agent at Curtis Miller Insurance to determine whether your current policy is sufficient before installing new play equipment.

Is it necessary to notify my agent if I get new play equipment?

The best thing you can do is talk to your agent at Curtis Miller Insurance to determine whether your current policy is sufficient before installing new play equipment in Parkersburg, WV. You may want to review current liability limits even if your policy does cover trampolines, pools, and play sets. A great time to do this is before installation in your yard. It’s amazing how quickly an injury can occur. 

Will my regular home insurance be enough?

If you are unsure whether your policy limits will be enough, check into the possibility of an umbrella policy to provide coverage beyond the homeowner’s policy liability cap. Our agents can guide you on how to best protect your family, friends, and home from the legal ramifications of injury.


How Do My Pets Affect My Homeowner’s Insurance?

Love for your pets is natural since they are members of your family. The remaining objective when it comes to your pets can be difficult. It is the job of your insurance agent to inject some objectivity into the situation when discussing home insurance needs. Curtis Miller Insurance can answer questions about pets and liability for the residents of Parkersburg, WV.


Dogs are the pets that most often affect home insurance. Be aware that breed and prior actions of the animal may impact cost and coverage requirements.

Keep your dog’s license current. If your dog is over three months old, you must obtain a license by January 1st every year. The annual fee is discounted for animals that are spayed and neutered. 

Take responsibility and action if your dog has a history of aggressive behavior. If your dog is labeled a dangerous dog by the courts, it means they have attacked a person or domestic animal without provocation and caused injury or death. You are required to carry at least $50,000 in liability insurance coverage in the Commonwealth. Any dangerous dog must be safely contained and is required to be muzzled if it is taken out into the public.  

Police dogs, guide dogs for the blind, deaf, and handicapped, and farm dogs (depending on circumstances) are exempt. If a person is attacked while trespassing or after provoking the dog, you should be protected. Check with your agent to be sure.  

Exotic and Non-Traditional Pets

Any damage caused by pot-bellied pigs and farm pets is usually covered under your liability policy, but you will want to double check with your agent. Exotic animals could be different. The type of animal can potentially affect the level and type of insurance you need.

Your agent at Curtis Miller Insurance can help you determine if your regular home insurance policy in Parkersburg, WV will be enough or if you will need additional coverage.


Do You Need Less Home Insurance?

Home insurance is something that should be tailored to each home and each policy holder and as such you might end up needing less coverage than you think you need. The best way to be sure you have the right coverage is to work with an agent to make sure your policy and your coverage is right for you. The agents with Curtis Miller Insurance can help those in the Parkersburg, WV area find the right coverage each and every time.

The main reason that someone might end up needing less home insurance than they currently have is depreciation of the home. Say for instance you took your home insurance policy out ten years ago. Since then your home has had a few repairs, has become out of date in regards to things like the kitchen and bathrooms, and your home is generally in not as great of a state as it was when the policy was taken out. Usually, this is not a huge issue and many homeowners choose to continue paying higher premiums to keep the same amount of coverage. For some, however, reporting depreciation can help you to have a lower monthly premium.

You might also have less contents also that would help to lower your monthly premium in regards to the amount of coverage you would need for home contents. You might also experience the need for less coverage if your home is not worth what it once was worth. It is important to have the correct amount of coverage for your home and having more coverage is better than not having enough. For those in the Parkersburg, WV area, the agents with Curtis Miller Insurance can help you find the proper coverage for your home and particular needs and coverages.

How to Safeguard your Home before Traveling

Before traveling for the holidays, take time to safeguard your property. By taking precautions, you can avert problems with theft or damage to your property during your absence. Here are a few tips on how to keep your home safe while on holiday.  


Have a neighbor pick up your mail daily or request that your post office hold it during your absence to avoid having an overflow of letters in your mailbox. If you have a newspaper subscription, put it on hold during your travels.

For extended holidays, have someone mow the lawn or shovel snow from your driveway, depending on the season, to give the impression that someone is home.  


Invest in timers to turn on lights, radio or TV during the evening so no one will suspect that you’re not home. Thieves are less likely to target a home that looks like it’s occupied. Unplug all appliances not on timers to minimize the risk of power surges causing an electrical fire.

Holiday Plans

Don’t advertise your travels to the public as you never know who’s listening. Share holiday plans with family, close friends or a trusted neighbor in private who can keep an eye on your property while you’re gone. Leave spare keys with someone you trust in case they need to get in the house due to an emergency during your absence.


Lock up costly jewelry, important documents and other valuables in a safety deposit box or safe as an extra precaution against theft.

Home Insurance

Make sure you have adequate home insurance coverage to protect your property. Contact Curtis Miller Insurance, Parkersburg, WV, before traveling to discuss home insurance options. With the right insurance policy from Curtis Miller Insurance, you can travel in peace knowing your home in Parkersburg, WV, is well protected against any eventuality.


How Much Commercial Insurance Coverage Do I Really Need?

When you begin to explore commercial insurance in Parkersburg, WV, there’s always the inevitable question of how much you actually need. How much is enough and how much is too much? This is going to vary for every business owner.

Identify Your Needs

The first thing you need to do is identify the basic needs of your business. What you have going on may be very different from other businesses throughout West Virginia. This means you have to look at such things as:

–           Property
–           Value of inventory
–           Number of employees
–           Industry you are in
–           Commercial vehicles owned

All of these are going to play into what kind of commercial insurance coverage you need and how much you need. The more time you take in order to identify the needs of your business, the easier it will be to obtain a commercial insurance policy that you can count on throughout the year. As your business grows and evolves, your policy is likely going to evolve as well. This will ensure that you are always able to file claims.

Get Expert Assistance

One wrong move when it comes to purchasing commercial insurance and you may not have the coverage that you need when you need it the most. It can be extremely difficult to calculate coverage in terms of how much liability you should have, and what types of coverage should be in place. This is why it is advantageous to work with an independent insurance agent. You can learn more about what is needed for the type of business that you have, and obtain quotes from different insurance companies so that you can learn about the true cost of a good policy.

Contact us at Curtis Miller Insurance today to learn more about commercial insurance coverage.


How to pack your bathrooms

No matter if you hire a moving company or decide to do everything yourself, when you move it’s practically guaranteed that you’ll pack your bathrooms yourself.  Most moving companies won’t want to touch anything liquid, making it next to impossible to get them to take most of what is in a typical bathroom.  Fortunately, this isn’t a hard room to pack, if you follow these steps.

  1. Use big boxes for your linens.  These are relatively light, so it makes sense to use a big box and pack these items quickly.  Only put cloth items into these boxes.
  2. Separate your liquid items from everything else.  Make one pile of lotions, shampoos, etc. and another of “dry” personal items such as make-up power and toothbrushes.  
  3. Pack the dry items in small cardboard boxes.  These items tend to be relatively heavy, and their small size makes a large box of these items overwhelming to sort through later.  Small boxes will be easier to unpack and deal with.
  4. Pack wet items in plastic tubs.  These items will most likely be getting to your new place in your personal vehicle, so make sure their box can’t leak if something breaks open and spills.  Plastic totes are also easy to wash out later if something spills.  Pack everything upright, and avoid making multiple layers, even if it means a lot of wasted space at the top of the box.
  5. Leave a few essentials.  A box of tissues and a roll of toilet paper can be used up to the last minute while you’re still in the house. Any left over will be greatly appreciated by the new residents, who will be struggling to look for toilet paper for a few days while they unpack.

As you’re packing, remember to give the agents at Curtis Miller Insurance a call.  They’ll be able to help you save money on your new homeowner’s policy.

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