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When to Increase Your Home Insurance Coverage

When you remodel or refurbish your home, you need to update your insurance coverage with Curtis Miller Insurance of Parkersburg, WV. Your home improvements increase the home’s value which otherwise would not be covered without a policy update.

We do not mean a simple update like replacing the kitchen fixtures, but something more major such as adding a deck or porch. If you remodel your kitchen with a new island and update all the appliances, you would need to increase your insurance coverage.

Another instance where you need to update and add coverage is adding a room or building an addition. The same truth applies if you convert a room. Converting a walk-in closet or dressing room to a bathroom significantly changes your home’s value. Home appraisals consider the number of bedrooms and bathrooms as a key criterion, so by adding a bathroom, you significantly raise the value of your home. This one gets people because converting a room did not change the square footage of the home.

When you alter your home to make it wheelchair accessible or convert to a smart home, you similarly raise the home’s value. This modernization requires added insurance to cover its technology.

Repainting the rooms or wallpapering does not fall into the same category. Though it pretties up the place, you do add much to the appraisal value of the home.

If you have a renovation or remodeling planned, contact Curtis Miller Insurance serving Parkersburg, WV to learn whether you need to increase your home insurance coverage and when. You may need a construction policy to cover your home while it undergoes updates, then you will need the added home insurance coverage once the work is finished.

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