Umbrella Insurance in West Virginia and Ohio

Serving the Mid-Ohio Valley, our agents at Curtis Miller Insurance Agency help residents and businesses that need coverage beyond what their primary policies afford, find that added protection. If you or your business would like a more robust insurance portfolio, an umbrella policy may be the right type of insurance to consider. If you’re in West Virginia, independent insurance agents at our agency can help you decide whether an umbrella insurance policy makes sense for yourself or your business.

Umbrella Policies Provide Protection

Umbrella policies are designed to complement other insurance policies, which are called underlying policies. An underlying policy may be a homeowners, personal or commercial auto, recreational vehicle or other policy.

Building on primary policies’ coverages, umbrella insurance provides coverage 'above and beyond' the coverage provided by your underlying policies. First, it can broaden coverage, filling in gaps in your underlying policies. Second, it can extend the limits of your underlying policies’ coverages.

Independent Insurance Agents Compare Quotes

Shopping for an umbrella insurance policy is like shopping for any other insurance policy. You should go through an independent insurance agent, as only independent insurance agents are both qualified to help you find a policy and free to compare policies from all insurers in West Virginia.

If you live or have a business in Mid-Ohio Valley and want additional insurance coverage, call our office. At Curtis Miller Insurance Agency, we have many experienced independent insurance agents who are licensed in West Virginia and Ohio. They’ll take the time to review your current insurance policies and help you find an umbrella policy that will complement your existing coverage, ensuring that you find the protection you need for yourself or your company.