Classic Car Insurance in West Virginia and Ohio

Your classic car is a true labor of love. You've put tons of time and effort into restoring it to its former glory, and the results are well worth it. But what happens when your cherished auto is involved in an accident or stolen?

At Curtis Miller Insurance Agency we want to help you protect your investment by having the right level of classic car insurance. We offer specialty policies designed exactly for your antique or collector vehicle.

What is Classic Car Insurance?

Classic car insurance is very similar to the type of policy you carry on your everyday vehicle. However, there is one glaring difference: stated value. When a policy is purchased, it covers the exact value of the vehicle. This is usually determined by a professional appraisal or other similar means.

Antique or collector vehicles do not depreciate the way standard cars do, making replacement cost a bit harder to determine. By using stated value, all of your hard work and any customization's you've done to the vehicle become covered under the policy.

Are Classic Car Rates Less Expensive?

In some cases, insuring a classic car in West Virginia and Ohio is cheaper than insuring your daily driver. The reason for this is that collector cars are usually stored and driven less often, which means less risk of an auto accident or other claim happening.

It is important to remember that classic car insurance rates and provisions vary from carrier to carrier. Of course, other factors including the zip code where you reside and your past driving history can also affect your rates. As independent insurance agents, our knowledgeable team will help you determine the right policy from the many different companies we work with to suit your exact needs and budget.

Please contact us today for a no-obligation classic car insurance quote!