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How to pack your bathrooms

No matter if you hire a moving company or decide to do everything yourself, when you move it’s practically guaranteed that you’ll pack your bathrooms yourself.  Most moving companies won’t want to touch anything liquid, making it next to impossible to get them to take most of what is in a typical bathroom.  Fortunately, this isn’t a hard room to pack, if you follow these steps.

  1. Use big boxes for your linens.  These are relatively light, so it makes sense to use a big box and pack these items quickly.  Only put cloth items into these boxes.
  2. Separate your liquid items from everything else.  Make one pile of lotions, shampoos, etc. and another of “dry” personal items such as make-up power and toothbrushes.  
  3. Pack the dry items in small cardboard boxes.  These items tend to be relatively heavy, and their small size makes a large box of these items overwhelming to sort through later.  Small boxes will be easier to unpack and deal with.
  4. Pack wet items in plastic tubs.  These items will most likely be getting to your new place in your personal vehicle, so make sure their box can’t leak if something breaks open and spills.  Plastic totes are also easy to wash out later if something spills.  Pack everything upright, and avoid making multiple layers, even if it means a lot of wasted space at the top of the box.
  5. Leave a few essentials.  A box of tissues and a roll of toilet paper can be used up to the last minute while you’re still in the house. Any left over will be greatly appreciated by the new residents, who will be struggling to look for toilet paper for a few days while they unpack.

As you’re packing, remember to give the agents at Curtis Miller Insurance a call.  They’ll be able to help you save money on your new homeowner’s policy.

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