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4 Tips to Help Avoid Road Rage

Traffic in Parkersburg, WV is growing fast and the traffic volume is outgrowing the roads faster than expected. Unfortunately, with large volumes of traffic, comes traffic jams and accidents. Between the stop and go traffic, excess noise and impatient drivers, the result is often road rage. Road rage occurs when a driver becomes the victim of dangerous behaviors from another driver. Road rage can vary from being cutoff by another driver to being physically assaulted by an angry driver. So, what can you do to avoid road rage?

Common Causes of Road Rage
There is no way to predict why road rage may happen or when it may happen, but there are several reasons why drivers get frustrated with another driver, including:

  • Speeding
  • Tailgating
  • Using a cell phone while driving
  • Eating or doing other multitasking while driving
  • Slamming on the brakes
  • Not using a turn signal

How to Avoid Road Rage
Regardless of how cautious of a driver you are, there is a risk of inciting another drivers road rage. If you find yourself encountering an aggressive driver, first and most importantly, do not panic. Panicky drivers can ultimately end up driving erratically and worsen the situation. Instead, continue to follow all of the rules of the road. If the road raged driver remains aggressive, the following four tips may help you avoid a confrontation:

  1. When driving in the left lane, drive with the flow of traffic or pull over to the right lane if you do not want to drive that fast, let those who are in a hurry pass you.  
  2. If you are being tailgated, when safe to do so, pull over to the other lane and let the tailgater pass.
  3. If you accidentally cut another driver off and force them to hit their brakes or pull away to avoid an accident, make sure you show signs of apologies. This will help take some of the stress out of the situation.
  4. Always use turn signals when changing lanes or making a turn.

Keep in mind that these are only a few suggestions of how to reduce the risk of road rage. It is important that you be aware of your surroundings and avoid driving too defensively and slow. Being a defensive driver is a good thing, but if you are overly cautious by driving too slow, it can block the flow of traffic, which may increase your stress, as well as the stress of other drivers.

Each time you get in your vehicle, the most important thing you can do is make sure you have sufficient insurance. Parkersburg, WV drivers contact Curtis Miller Insurance for a new insurance policy or to review your current policy.

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