Home Insurance in West Virginia and Ohio

Homeowners insurance protects more than just your home. Homeowners policies often include several different coverage options that provide robust protection against a number of liabilities. At Curtis Miller Insurance Agency we’ve helped many residents in West Virginia assess what type of coverage they need and find an appropriate homeowners insurance policy. If you live in West Virginia or Ohio, home insurance agents at our office would be happy to help you. Here are a few things we can go over with you when you contact us.

Choosing Coverage Options

One of the most important aspects of purchasing homeowners insurance is selecting what coverage options you need. Each policy is comprised of several different policies, which determine whether a claim will be covered. A few coverage options you’ll come across as you look for homeowner insurance include:

  • protection for your primary dwelling
  • protection for other structures on your property
  • protection for your personal belongings
  • liability coverage

If you don’t understand these coverage options, ask an insurance agent for help. They can explain each one to you, ensuring that you find a policy that provides the perfect level of protection.

Comparing Policies

In order to find the most affordable policy, West Virginia’s Offices of the Insurance Commissioner recommend obtaining at least three price quotes. At Curtis Miller Insurance Agency, our independent insurance agents make this easy. You can either use our website to compare quotes from many different insurers in the state or call our insurance agents directly so they can pull up quotes for you. Either way, we’ll help you compare multiple policies to find you the lowest premiums. As an independent insurance agency, that’s our job.

To get started shopping for a new homeowners policy, either use our online tool or call our office. In just a few minutes, we can help you compare many different policies and select the best one for your situation.