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Who needs auto insurance in West Virginia

If you live in the Parkersburg, WV area, it is very likely that you will need to own a car. For those that are looking to purchase a car, it is also very important that they spend time assessing their insurance needs. There are many incidences when someone in West Virginia is going to an auto insurance policy.

When Driving on a Public Road

One of the most common situations, when someone will need an auto insurance policy, is West Virginia is when they are driving on a public road. All drivers in this state will need an auto insurance policy that provides them with liability coverage. When you have this protection, it will ensure that you are able to pay for any damages that you cause in an accident. If you do not have this insurance coverage, there are a variety of penalties that you could face. 

When Financing the Car

Another situation when you will need to get an auto insurance policy is when you are taking out a car loan. The majority of car buyers need to finance at least a portion of their vehicle. To ensure that their collateral is covered, any auto lender will require that their borrowers get an auto insurance policy. This way, they will know that you have the ability to pay off the loan if the car is stolen or damaged.

There are many situations when someone in the Parkersburg, WV area will need an auto insurance policy. If you are shopping for an auto insurance policy, you should call Curtis Miller Insurance. The team a Curtis Miller Insurance is very aware of the complexities that come with choosing an auto insurance policy. They can then help you to get into a policy that offers the right protection. 

3 Hidden Benefits of Auto Insurance

One of the most commonly used forms of insurance, auto insurance is mandatory for everyone who operates a vehicle on the open roads. If you are a resident of Parkersburg WV, the following is an overview of 3 hidden benefits of auto insurance.

Towing Charges

In a perfect world, none of us would ever have to call a tow truck. Unfortunately, in the real world, cars are unpredictable and you never know when you might need emergency roadside assistance. Luckily, many auto policies allow for an emergency towing option. Additionally, many policies offer to reimburse for towing charges (up to a certain amount). Be sure to find out what your options for towing are when you are signing up for your policy.

Engine Coverage

Although the engine is the literal lifeblood of the vehicle, many policies do not cover engines at all. However, there is an option to include coverage for your engine. This is great news for those who live in areas that experience frequent flooding and other things that can be detrimental to your engine as well as other parts of your vehicle.

Key Replacement

Not only is losing a car key frustrating, but it can also be costly. However, did you know that many companies will cover the cast of a key replacement? Simply call your auto insurance provider to find out if this applies to you.

Overall, for residents of Parkersburg, WV, learning about auto insurance does not have to be difficult. Simply contact your friends at Curtis Miller Insurance to get a quote and explore your policy options. Don’t be left driving in the dark, contact Curtis Miller Insurance today!

Does It Matter How You Park Your Car On the Street?

At Curtis Miller Insurance, agents are always ready to answer questions their clients may have about traffic laws in Parkersburg, WV. Certain traffic laws can be confusing, that’s why it is important to always ask questions. Many people don’t realize that in West Virginia, it is against the law to park a car on the opposite side of the street, facing the flow of traffic.

Go With the Flow

Whenever you park your car on the street, the right side of the vehicle should always be lined up with the right side of the curb. Never park facing into traffic. Parking so your car is facing traffic can lead to confusion on behalf of other drivers, increasing your risk of your vehicle being involved in an accident. This also holds true for one-way streets as well, at least in some areas.

Obey the Signs

Before you attempt to park on the street, always make sure to look for any signs that designate where you should park. There are certain areas that are designated as "loading zones" where people or goods can be picked up or dropped off. Certain areas have designated parking during specific times. Observing these rules will keep your vehicle safe and prevent you from collecting traffic tickets.

In Parkersburg, WV, residents can contact the agents of Curtis Miller Insurance if they have questions about their insurance policy or are looking to purchase new insurance. Call and schedule an appointment today. The agent will answer your questions and also help you figure out certain traffic laws that you may be unfamiliar with. It’s better to be well-informed than run the risk of getting a parking ticket. 

Before Taking a Summer Road Trip, Update Your Auto Insurance

Summer’s a wonderful time time to hit the road with your family and explore the wonders of West Virginia and beyond. Before taking off on a summer road trip, however, take time to review your auto insurance to make sure you have adequate protection for your journey. 

Updating your auto insurance with Curtis Miller Insurance in Parkersburg, WV gives you the opportunity to add new coverage, adjust existing coverage or eliminate coverage that’s no longer needed. Here are a few aspects to consider when reviewing your current policy.

Changes in Lifestyle or Household

Changes in your lifestyle or household could affect your auto insurance. If you’re driving longer distances for work or planning to take more road trips with the family, you may want to raise your liability or property damage limits to protect yourself against accidents on the road. The more you use your vehicle, the greater your risks of being in an accident. Having adequate insurance coverage will protect you against financial loss in the event of a serious accident.

Status of Vehicle

If you’re taking your new vehicle on the road, make sure you have adequate protection against any eventuality. If you’re involved in a major accident far from home, rental car coverage will provide you with transportation while your car is being repaired. In the event your new car is totaled, new car replacement coverage helps you replace your vehicle with a similar make and model so you’re not stranded without a car. If you’re driving an older vehicle, roadside assist coverage could come in handy in case of unexpected car troubles.

By discussing insurance updates with an agent from Curtis Miller Insurance, Parkersburg, WV, you can obtain the right auto insurance coverage to meet your family’s needs. 

The Takata Airbag Recall Notice and What It Means to You

Whether you reside on the east coast of the United States or the west coast or in Parkersburg, WV you are right in the mix of the Takata Airbag recall. If it hasn’t affected you directly, you know someone who has been affected. Whether your car is domestic or an import, you may find it on the recall list.

What Does the Recall Mean to You?

This recall has been called the largest and most complex recall in American history by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). In short, the recall involves the driver side and passenger side airbags of cars who house Takata airbags. The car manufacturers involved include:

  • Ford
  • Toyota
  • Mazda
  • BMW
  • Chrysler
  • Ferrari
  • GM
  • Honda
  • Jaguar
  • Land Rover
  • Mercedes-Benz
  • Mitsubishi
  • Nissan
  • Volkswagen
  • Subaru

It is imperative that you look up the specific vehicles that are affected by this recall. Due to the chemical components of used in the inflator device of the airbag, shards of metal explode from the airbag upon deployment. These shards have gone into the bodies of passengers and drivers of the defective vehicles causing injury and death.

Taking care of the recall as soon as you are notified is the safest way to go. Retain a copy of the repair for your records. It will come in handy when you are ready to sell the vehicle. The most recent fatality recorded as a result of the defective Takata airbag did not have the airbag repaired. It means everything to be on top of this airbag issue for yourself and loved ones.

Give the agents at Curtis Miller Insurance a call today at 304-485-6431 to find out more about making your car insurance relationship run smoothly with the rest of your life. 

Do You Need Special Coverage if You Use Your Car For Work?

Your car is often the only way that you have to get to and from work and in some cases, you may need to use your car for business. In these cases, you need to approach your insurance a bit differently that you would with a personal auto policy. For those that are in the Parkersburg, WV area, the agents with Curtis Miller Insurance can help you find the policy that fits your needs.

In most cases, if you are using your car for business you are going to be covered on your own policy with no problems. The real issue lies in how much you use your car for work. If you used your car one day last year for a work related venture, you do not need special insurance. If you used your car multiple times for work however, it may be beneficial to look into a commercial or business auto insurance policy.

Some companies do offer an option on your normal policy where you can cover your car for work related use but this varies from insurance company to insurance company. You should take the time to read the fine print of your policy carefully so that you can determine just what your policy covers.

In many cases, you are not going to have to use your car for work but in some cases, if you are using it for work you may be covered on your employer’s policy. In this type of instance, it is best to talk to an insurance professional that can help walk you through each and every step to make sure you are fully covered no matter what.

If you are in or around the Parkersburg, WV area, the agents with Curtis Miller Insurance can better explain just what you policy covers.   

4 Tips to Help Avoid Road Rage

Traffic in Parkersburg, WV is growing fast and the traffic volume is outgrowing the roads faster than expected. Unfortunately, with large volumes of traffic, comes traffic jams and accidents. Between the stop and go traffic, excess noise and impatient drivers, the result is often road rage. Road rage occurs when a driver becomes the victim of dangerous behaviors from another driver. Road rage can vary from being cutoff by another driver to being physically assaulted by an angry driver. So, what can you do to avoid road rage?

Common Causes of Road Rage
There is no way to predict why road rage may happen or when it may happen, but there are several reasons why drivers get frustrated with another driver, including:

  • Speeding
  • Tailgating
  • Using a cell phone while driving
  • Eating or doing other multitasking while driving
  • Slamming on the brakes
  • Not using a turn signal

How to Avoid Road Rage
Regardless of how cautious of a driver you are, there is a risk of inciting another drivers road rage. If you find yourself encountering an aggressive driver, first and most importantly, do not panic. Panicky drivers can ultimately end up driving erratically and worsen the situation. Instead, continue to follow all of the rules of the road. If the road raged driver remains aggressive, the following four tips may help you avoid a confrontation:

  1. When driving in the left lane, drive with the flow of traffic or pull over to the right lane if you do not want to drive that fast, let those who are in a hurry pass you.  
  2. If you are being tailgated, when safe to do so, pull over to the other lane and let the tailgater pass.
  3. If you accidentally cut another driver off and force them to hit their brakes or pull away to avoid an accident, make sure you show signs of apologies. This will help take some of the stress out of the situation.
  4. Always use turn signals when changing lanes or making a turn.

Keep in mind that these are only a few suggestions of how to reduce the risk of road rage. It is important that you be aware of your surroundings and avoid driving too defensively and slow. Being a defensive driver is a good thing, but if you are overly cautious by driving too slow, it can block the flow of traffic, which may increase your stress, as well as the stress of other drivers.

Each time you get in your vehicle, the most important thing you can do is make sure you have sufficient insurance. Parkersburg, WV drivers contact Curtis Miller Insurance for a new insurance policy or to review your current policy.

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