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Why Is It Necessary To Have Boat Insurance?

Curtis Miller Insurance Parkersburg, WV is a full-service insurance agency.  While West Virginia (WV) law does not require boat insurance,  WV does require registration of the boat with the WV Department of Transportation Division of Motor Vehicles.  After you pay the expenses for ann uninsured boating accident, you would wish you had insurance.

Home Owners Insurance

Homeowner’s Insurance is not a satisfactory replacement for boat insurance because the amount covered is typically less than the coverage of a boat insurance policy. There is no standard homeowners coverage plan for a boat.   Further, if there is homeowners insurance coverage, the boat must be damaged on the home owner’s property.

Boat Insurance

Boat insurance typically covers:

1.  Collision damage: Either boat repair or replacement. May need optional coverage for removing any boat wreckage.

2.  Bodily injury liability: Covers an individual with permission to use your boat, medical bills, pain and suffering, lost income, and dock. Further, other structures or property and coverage if your boat caused damage to someone else’s boat.

3.  Comprehensive:  This involves any other type of injury to the boat including if the boat is damaged, stolen,  damaged other than a collision or vandalized.

4.  Any additional coverages: oil spills, accidents caused by those who are uninsured or underinsured and any personal property such as fishing gear.  The compensation is limited by the deductibles, policy limit,  replacement value based on agreement or actual cash value.

5.  The amount of insurance needed:  Factors in considering insured value is the age of the boat, its motor size,  type of boats such as a speedboat, a cruiser for pleasure or a houseboat.  Price of liability insurance based on all factors including personal injuries and related costs.

Curtis Miller Insurance Parkersburg, WV looks forward to interviewing you concerning all your insurance needs. Please call us!

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