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Increase Your Defense Against Lawsuits With Umbrella Insurance

Lawsuits in America have reached epidemic proportions that are greater than any other developed country in the world. reports that there are 15 million new civil lawsuits annually. Many are "frivolous," which means there is no real justification for them, just an attempt to extort money from someone with "deep pockets." Umbrella insurance can provide protection from this risk as well as extend home and auto insurance limits.

Many can benefit from umbrella insurance coverage. Certain professions are particularly vulnerable to lawsuits. By talking about your specific circumstances with an agent at Curtis Miller Insurance, serving West Virginia and Ohio, you will get a clear idea of what type of umbrella insurance will provide adequate coverage for your needs.

Why Professionals Need Umbrella Insurance

Umbrella insurance is especially helpful for professionals who have the risk of a lawsuit being filed against them for malpractice. Most people know that doctors, nurses, attorneys, and accountants all need this type of insurance. Additionally, so do veterinarians, morticians, estate planners, and even hairstylists.

Anyone who works with the public in a personal, financial, or other way or provides health care or related services needs umbrella insurance. Because the law allows suits for settlement amounts that include punitive damages; if a case is lost, the judgment can easily be in the multiple millions of dollars.

Why the Average Wealthy Person Needs Umbrella Insurance

If you own a luxury home that makes you a target. If you own a luxury home and operate a small business that deals with the public, the risk increases. Even when you operate your business out of your home, umbrella insurance coverage can be invaluable. A slip and fall accident on your property, where someone gets seriously injured, suddenly will make you very appreciative that you have umbrella insurance coverage in place.

Because of the snowy winters and the chance that ice can build up on the walkways around your home, a slip and fall accident can easily happen and be blamed on you.

Reach out to an agent at Curtis Miller Insurance, serving West Virginia and Ohio to learn more about umbrella insurance.

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