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Who needs auto insurance in West Virginia

If you live in the Parkersburg, WV area, it is very likely that you will need to own a car. For those that are looking to purchase a car, it is also very important that they spend time assessing their insurance needs. There are many incidences when someone in West Virginia is going to an auto insurance policy.

When Driving on a Public Road

One of the most common situations, when someone will need an auto insurance policy, is West Virginia is when they are driving on a public road. All drivers in this state will need an auto insurance policy that provides them with liability coverage. When you have this protection, it will ensure that you are able to pay for any damages that you cause in an accident. If you do not have this insurance coverage, there are a variety of penalties that you could face. 

When Financing the Car

Another situation when you will need to get an auto insurance policy is when you are taking out a car loan. The majority of car buyers need to finance at least a portion of their vehicle. To ensure that their collateral is covered, any auto lender will require that their borrowers get an auto insurance policy. This way, they will know that you have the ability to pay off the loan if the car is stolen or damaged.

There are many situations when someone in the Parkersburg, WV area will need an auto insurance policy. If you are shopping for an auto insurance policy, you should call Curtis Miller Insurance. The team a Curtis Miller Insurance is very aware of the complexities that come with choosing an auto insurance policy. They can then help you to get into a policy that offers the right protection. 

  • AAA
  • Dairyland
  • Farmers & Mechanics
  • Hagerty
  • Motorists Mutual
  • Municipal Mutual
  • Progressive
  • Safeco
  • West Virginia National Auto Insurance