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Flood Insurance in WV and Who Needs It

With climate change and the unpredictable weather of certain seasons, floods are happening at unprecedented rates. It can happen to any of us, so West Virginians need to know whether their properties are in flood zones. If you live in Parkersburg, WV, make sure your property is covered for flood damages, because coverage is available even if don’t live in a flood zone. Ask your Curtis Miller Insurance agent for information on what types of coverage you need. In the meantime, here’s some important information about flood coverage.

National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP)

In Parkersburg, WV and throughout West Virginia, the state Insurance Commissioner is responsible for notifying local entities when federally subsidized insurance is available via the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). Your Curtis Miller Insurance agent can help you look up or request this information about your property. Plan ahead, even if a flood seems unlikely in your area because floods are deviously unpredictable.

Home Owner’s Insurance Doesn’t Cover Flood Damage

In the event that damage occurs on your property located in a flood zone, NFIP insurance will help you repair or replace your home and personal property. If you live in a non-flood zone, flood coverage is highly recommended. Be aware that your homeowner’s insurance excludes flood coverage. To get flood insurance, go through a licensed property and casualty insurance agency, such as Curtis Miller Insurance, and request a policy that protects your home and its contents.

Rental properties can also be insurance against flood loss, ask your agent for details.

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Are Firearms Included in Home Insurance?

Many households in Parkersburg, WV possess firearms. It is, therefore, no surprise that the question of whether or not they are covered in home insurance comes up. Since firearms are costly and dangerous, homeowners have the responsibility to know what policies, if any can cover them in case of loss, damage or injury to another person. Curtis Miller Insurance will help you find an insurance cover.

Under basic home insurance policies, guns are considered personal property. They are, therefore, insured as such. Different companies cover different perils for example theft or damage by fire. Some companies offer a wider coverage than others. It is, therefore, advisable to find one that best suits your needs.

Guns can be dangerous. You may accidentally cause property damage or bodily injury. Liability insurance protects you in case you destroy property or hurt someone else with your gun.

If you feel that your insurance policy doesn’t cover you sufficiently, you may seek additional coverage. Most companies offer personal property riders for firearms. They cover you for certain perils that are not covered in the home insurance policy.

You may also find stand-alone policies that cover firearms. Such policies are usually customized for specific customer needs. They are, therefore, likely to offer more personalized coverage.

Guns generally come with a lot of responsibility. The following are some guidelines for safe gun handling;

  • Store guns away from unauthorized people
  • Ensure that your gun is safe for operation
  • Unload guns before storage
  • Learn how to use guns safely
  • Only shoot when sober

At Curtis Miller Insurance, we offer quotes for the gun and other insurance policies. Our knowledgeable and independent agents place the needs of clients first. We help you find a policy that best works.

Call or visit us in Parkersburg, WV to speak to an agent.

Why Should I Get Life Insurance

As much as people don’t like discussing the issue of life insurance, there is no arguing its importance in one’s overall financial planning. A life insurance plan helps an individual protect their loved ones and to keep some money behind to cover costs after their demise. Without a life insurance plan in the Parkersburg, WV area, an individual’s dependent/loved ones may have to alter their lifestyle drastically. Hence, an already traumatic situation turns even more difficult.

There are several benefits of having a life insurance plan. Below are a few of them;

1. Protection:

The primary benefit of life insurance is the death benefit. When an individual dies without a life insurance plan, this often creates unexpected financial challenges for those left behind. For instance, there may be medical bills to be cleared, funeral expenses, mortgage, debts etc.

With a life insurance plan, beneficiaries can receive death benefits which they can use to pay off debt, mortgage, medical expense and can act as a form of income before for the meantime.

2. Takes away worry:

One of the fears people nurse is the status of the life of their loved ones if they were to pass unexpectedly. Life insurance helps to remove such fears. With a life insurance plan, you can rest easy, knowing that your loved ones will have a good quality of life and their financial needs will be met, should you pass away.

3. Protection against estate taxes:

Those with a likelihood of being hit with estate taxes after their death may also consider a life insurance policy. Many times, it is the loved ones left behind that is burdened with sourcing for the estate tax fund. They usually go to such length as selling asset below market value. A life insurance policy can help shield loved ones from this, protecting them against the indignity of selling assets and family heirlooms.

4. Equaling inheritance:

A life insurance policy can be used to equal out an inheritance. Take, for instance, a man has two children and one house and he wishes to give the house to one of the children. In order to equal out the inheritance, the man can buy a life insurance policy of equal value to the house and name the other child as beneficiary.

At Curtis Miller Insurance, we work hard to let people know the benefits attached to purchasing a life insurance policy. If you still have any questions about life insurance and its benefits in the Parkersburg, WA area, then you can contact Curtis Miller Insurance.

Commercial Insurance Needs For Construction Companies

ruction firms in Parkersburg, WV need to take the time to understand all of their construction insurance needs entirely. Many types of coverage are required for these types of businesses, which is why we at Curtis Miller Insurance have created this simple and easy-to-understand list for you.

Construction Insurance Minimizes Risks

When you buy commercial insurance for your construction company, you are taking positive steps to minimize the risks to your business. For example, you can make sure that all of your vehicles and equipment are adequately protected from damage. You can also protect your workers and visitors to the area from severe physical injuries and ensure that they get compensation if they are hurt at work.

Construction Insurance Is Required For Many Businesses

Construction insurance is necessary for many different fields, including carpentry, plumbing, electrician work, masonry, home builders, welders, renovation experts, security companies, handyman services, and more. Each type of coverage is designed to meet the unique needs of a specific business. For example, electrician coverage will handle damage caused by shocks or electrical concerns that happen while you are working on a job site.

Policy Types Vary

When buying construction insurance, there are many types of coverage that you need to consider. These include liability coverage, business owners, insurance, workers’ compensation, and policies for your vehicles. These vehicle policies include insurance for any car or pickup used for delivery or as a company car. Any construction vehicle, such as dump trucks, also need specific construction insurance coverage to protect them from damage.

Getting A Comprehensive Package

If you run a construction company of any type in Parkersburg, WV, don’t hesitate to contact us at Curtis Miller Insurance. Our specialists will work with you to find a construction insurance coverage package that works for your needs.

Does Boat Insurance Cover Flooding?

At Curtis Miller Insurance, serving Parkersburg, WV, we are asked numerous questions about boat insurance. This is because people do not fully understand what boat insurance covers and does not cover. When you purchase insurance, we want to be sure that you know exactly what is being covered and is not being covered. Here is what you need to know about boat insurance and flooding.

Does Boat Insurance Cover Flooding?

In some cases, boat insurance will cover flooding. In other cases, boat insurance will not cover flooding. The easiest way to determine if flooding to your boat is covered is to read through the inclusion and exclusion list. If storm damage is covered under your policy, any flooding caused by heavy rains, tropical storms or hurricanes would be covered. If storm damage is excluded from your policy, flooding caused by these events would not be covered.

How Can You Ensure Your Policy Covers Flooding?

Flooding is not something that is covered or not covered by all insurance companies. However, if your policy does not cover storm damage, you can purchase a supplemental storm damage policy that covers all types of storm damage, including flooding. This helps to protect your boat against storm-related damage, including hail damage, damage caused by strong wind gusts, and even damage caused by a tree or other item falling on your boat in the midst of a storm.

When you are looking to purchase a new boat insurance policy or add storm damage coverage to an existing boat insurance policy in the greater Parkersburg, WV area, contact Curtis Miller Insurance. We would love the opportunity to help you find the best policy for your needs. Call us today to get started.

Is Motorcycle Insurance Necessary in West Virginia?

The simple answer is yes.  Just like your auto, the state of West Virginia requires that you carry at least the minimum liability coverage on your bike.  The agents at Curtis Miller Insurance can help you get the coverage that you need.  Serving the Parkersburg, WV area, they can make recommendations on the types of coverage that you may need, beyond liability insurance, based on your travel habits and motorcycle usage.  For instance, weekend warriors need insurance on their bikes but the type and amount of coverage may differ from someone who uses their bike every day as their primary mode of transportation.  That’s where the advice from the agents at Curtis Miller Insurance is invaluable.

The state of West Virginia has two definitions for two-wheeled vehicles.  A ‘motorcycle’ is defined as a two-wheeled vehicle with a motor that is more than 55 cc.  These must be registered and covered by minimum liability insurance.  If the bike’s motor is 55 cc or less, the state generally considers these to be scooters or mopeds.  Generally, these bikes do not need to be registered or meet liability insurance standards.  If you have a moped or scooter, it is prudent to talk with your agent and local DMV to ensure that your bike is exempt from the state insurance requirements.

The agents at Curtis Miller Insurance are your partners.  They have worked with many residents in the Parkersburg, WV area and are ready to serve your insurance needs.  They may recommend coverage beyond the state-mandated liability insurance.  It is important to consider their advice and ask questions until you fully understand what is available to you.  Their team works to ensure that you are protected when you hit the open road.

Why Is It Necessary To Have Boat Insurance?

Curtis Miller Insurance Parkersburg, WV is a full-service insurance agency.  While West Virginia (WV) law does not require boat insurance,  WV does require registration of the boat with the WV Department of Transportation Division of Motor Vehicles.  After you pay the expenses for ann uninsured boating accident, you would wish you had insurance.

Home Owners Insurance

Homeowner’s Insurance is not a satisfactory replacement for boat insurance because the amount covered is typically less than the coverage of a boat insurance policy. There is no standard homeowners coverage plan for a boat.   Further, if there is homeowners insurance coverage, the boat must be damaged on the home owner’s property.

Boat Insurance

Boat insurance typically covers:

1.  Collision damage: Either boat repair or replacement. May need optional coverage for removing any boat wreckage.

2.  Bodily injury liability: Covers an individual with permission to use your boat, medical bills, pain and suffering, lost income, and dock. Further, other structures or property and coverage if your boat caused damage to someone else’s boat.

3.  Comprehensive:  This involves any other type of injury to the boat including if the boat is damaged, stolen,  damaged other than a collision or vandalized.

4.  Any additional coverages: oil spills, accidents caused by those who are uninsured or underinsured and any personal property such as fishing gear.  The compensation is limited by the deductibles, policy limit,  replacement value based on agreement or actual cash value.

5.  The amount of insurance needed:  Factors in considering insured value is the age of the boat, its motor size,  type of boats such as a speedboat, a cruiser for pleasure or a houseboat.  Price of liability insurance based on all factors including personal injuries and related costs.

Curtis Miller Insurance Parkersburg, WV looks forward to interviewing you concerning all your insurance needs. Please call us!

Increase Your Defense Against Lawsuits With Umbrella Insurance

Lawsuits in America have reached epidemic proportions that are greater than any other developed country in the world. reports that there are 15 million new civil lawsuits annually. Many are "frivolous," which means there is no real justification for them, just an attempt to extort money from someone with "deep pockets." Umbrella insurance can provide protection from this risk as well as extend home and auto insurance limits.

Many can benefit from umbrella insurance coverage. Certain professions are particularly vulnerable to lawsuits. By talking about your specific circumstances with an agent at Curtis Miller Insurance, serving West Virginia and Ohio, you will get a clear idea of what type of umbrella insurance will provide adequate coverage for your needs.

Why Professionals Need Umbrella Insurance

Umbrella insurance is especially helpful for professionals who have the risk of a lawsuit being filed against them for malpractice. Most people know that doctors, nurses, attorneys, and accountants all need this type of insurance. Additionally, so do veterinarians, morticians, estate planners, and even hairstylists.

Anyone who works with the public in a personal, financial, or other way or provides health care or related services needs umbrella insurance. Because the law allows suits for settlement amounts that include punitive damages; if a case is lost, the judgment can easily be in the multiple millions of dollars.

Why the Average Wealthy Person Needs Umbrella Insurance

If you own a luxury home that makes you a target. If you own a luxury home and operate a small business that deals with the public, the risk increases. Even when you operate your business out of your home, umbrella insurance coverage can be invaluable. A slip and fall accident on your property, where someone gets seriously injured, suddenly will make you very appreciative that you have umbrella insurance coverage in place.

Because of the snowy winters and the chance that ice can build up on the walkways around your home, a slip and fall accident can easily happen and be blamed on you.

Reach out to an agent at Curtis Miller Insurance, serving West Virginia and Ohio to learn more about umbrella insurance.

How Many Different Policies Can be Included in an Umbrella Policy?

If you live in the Parkersburg, WV area or any of the surrounding communities, you can contact Curtis Miller Insurance agency for all of your commercial insurance needs. This includes umbrella coverage that is designed to group several policies together and extend the limits of certain types of coverage that may be needed if a situation is more severe than first expected. 

Types of Coverage Included in an Umbrella Coverage

An umbrella policy can include many different types of coverage including commercial liability, fleet insurance, Workers Compensation, health insurance, inventory insurance, and property damage insurance on the buildings and equipment. These policies are offered singly or can be grouped together to create a comprehensive policy that allows you to protect your business with one, well-organized form of coverage known as an umbrella policy.

Extended Coverage on Existing Policies

One of the benefits of an umbrella policy is that it can include an additional layer of coverage that can be used if the limits of one of the policies are exceeded. This is designed to protect your company from devastating financial loss that results from an injury to another person or extensive damage to company property.

The agents of Curtis Miller Insurance encourage you to call their office and schedule a review of your existing commercial insurance policy if you live in the Parkersburg, WV area. A review allows them to evaluate your policy and make changes that are needed to bring your commercial insurance up to date. An umbrella policy may be recommended if your business has grown substantially. Call and schedule your appointment today!

Flood Insurance in Parkersburg, WV

For those that own property, making sure that it is properly protected is very important.  For those that are in the Parkersburg, WV area, having adequate flood insurance coverage would be a great option.  There are several reasons why you should get flood insurance on your property.  

Provides Property Damage Coverage

The primary reason that you should get flood insurance on your property is that it will provide you with property damage coverage.  A flood that impacts your home can have a devastating impact on your property.  This could require you to complete major repairs and renovations to make it livable again.  While a base insurance policy may not cover these repairs, a full flood insurance policy will ensure you have the proper financial protection.

Covers Personal Belongings

Those that get a flood insurance policy will also receive reimbursement if their personal belongings are damaged in the flood.  Most homeowners have thousands of dollars of furniture, electronics, and appliances.  The flood insurance policy will provide you with coverage to replace any of these items damaged by the flood.  

Loan Compliance

The third reason to get flood insurance is that it will keep you in compliance with your mortgage lender.  Depending on where the property is located in town, it could be in a flood zone.  If it is in a flood zone, your loan documents will likely require you to have it.  If you do not have proper flood insurance coverage, it could lead to a loan violation and you could be charged a fee.  

If you are in need of flood insurance, Curtis Miller Insurance would be a great place to start.  Curtis Miller Insurance, which serves Parkersburg, WV, can help you to determine what type of flood insurance coverage you need to ensure that you are properly protected and covered.  

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