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Is Flood Insurance a Necessity for Me?

When you own a home in the Parkersburg, WV area, you will be making a very big investment that needs to be properly protected. One of the best ways to do this today is through the use of a quality home insurance policy. However, there are some situations in which a base home insurance policy is not enough. If you live in an area that is prone to flooding, you might need to invest in an additional flood insurance policy. There are several situations in which getting a flood insurance policy is right for you.

Required by Loan

One situation in which you will need to get a flood insurance policy is if it is required under your loan agreement. If you live in an area that has been designated as a higher risk for flood zone, you undoubtedly will be required to carry flood insurance at all times. In many situations, the lender will also escrow the payments on a monthly basis to ensure your policy stays in place.

Not Included in Base Policy 

Even if you have not been required to carry flood insurance, it still is a good idea to have it if you have a higher level of risk. If you live near a body of water, you should speak with your insurance company to see if you have adequate flood insurance. If you do not, getting the additional flood insurance policy should be a necessity for you.

If you are in the Parkersburg, WV area and think that you might need to have flood insurance, you should reach out to the team at Curtis Miller Insurance. When you reach out to the professionals at Curtis Miller Insurance, you can receive more guidance and insight into whether or not you should be getting an additional flood insurance policy. 

Is Our Delivery Fleet Covered by Our Commercial Insurance Policy?

If you own a commercial endeavor that relies on your vehicles to get the job done, you will want to make sure that your fleet is protected. A typical commercial insurance policy will cover your property, inventory, and equipment, but it may not offer sufficient coverage for your vehicles. If you are in the greater Parkersburg, WV area and rely on your commercial vehicles for deliveries or other tasks that are vital to your success, it’s time to make sure that you’re needs are covered! The team at Curtis Miller Insurance can help you to secure the right policy for all of your commercial needs, including your fleet of business vehicles. 

Does Motor Fleet Insurance Make Sense for Your Company?

If you run a business that relies on vehicles to get your work done, you will likely need additional fleet coverage. Taxi and delivery services are just two examples of enterprises that need dependable and reliable vehicles to meet the needs of their customers and stay in business. If you have a number of different vehicles it may be more effective to take out a fleet policy rather than insuring each vehicle with a single policy. When it comes to comprehensive insurance that will keep you in business even in the event of an accident or another event, it is a smart idea to work with a professional insurance agent. Fleet insurance may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you are protecting your commercial assets, but this coverage may make more sense than you think.

Don’t delay in making sure that you have the commercial vehicle coverage that you need! If you are in the greater Parkersburg, WV area, call or stop by Curtis Miller Insurance today for a consultation.

Maintaining the Beauty of Your Classic Car

Automobiles are considered to be classic when they are over 20 years old and “younger” than 40 years old. There is something about owning and driving a classic car in Parkersburg, WV that can bring a smile to even the most disgruntled “car person”. Owning a classic car is somewhat of an important responsibility, not only will you need to contact Curtis Miller Insurance about insuring your “baby”, but you will be responsible for maintaining its beauty and keeping it running like it did when it rolled off the assembly line. Here are three tips to help you maintain the beauty of your classic car.

Use Only Quality Parts

Whether you are in the process of restoring a classic car or simply have to make routine repairs, it is important to use only quality parts. In some situations, using a sub-quality or incorrect part can affect the value as well as how the car runs. There are several options when it comes to buying classic car parts. For instance, searching your local junkyard may be the ideal place to find difficult to locate original parts. It’s also helpful to join a classic car club, which can yield you tons of advice from experienced classic car owners.

Washing and Waxing

Whether you have the original paint on your classic car or it has been repainted, it is important to maintain the exterior. It is important to use products that are safe for the paint and that will not scratch or damage the exterior. When washing and waxing your classic car, do not use products that contain bleach or harsh chemicals and only use a soft, clean cloth to dry and wax the car.

Maintain Fluids and Tires

One of the best ways to maintain the engine is by driving the car. This will help to keep all of the moving parts lubricated. Be sure to routinely check all fluids and keep them topped off, especially the oil. Tires should also be routinely checked to ensure they have the correct pressure and that there are no damages to the tires and/or the rims.

As soon as you take possession of a classic car, it is beneficial to research its history, which will give you an idea of how it was previously maintained. Also, don’t forget to contact your insurance provider about adding your classic car to your policy-even if it is only driven on occasion.

Residents of Parkersburg, WV interested in reviewing the current policy or upgrading their classic car insurance should contact Curtis Miller Insurance.


Top Reasons for Filing a Homeowners Insurance Claim in WV

Having homeowners insurance from Curtis Miller Insurance can be a real life saver when the time calls for filing a claim for damage to your property or if a liability arises and you need coverage. If you live in Parkersburg, WV then you should get in touch with an agent regarding home insurance. Find out what the top reasons people are for filing a claim in West Virginia. 

Storm or Severe Weather Damages

Violent storms, challenging weather, and high winds are among the top reasons for filing a claim with a homeowners insurance company to repairs done at West Virginia homes that were covered. Some homeowners get flood protection, but that is a different type of policy. If you have questions about the difference, you can contact an agent at Curtis Miller Insurance to learn more. Be sure to assess damage from rain, snow, hail, wind, dust/debris, down trees or other damages from storms. 

Water Damage

Aside from floods, water can damage your home in more ways. Pipes can burst within the home and cause a lot of damage to your property, in which case a claim should be filed with your home insurance provider. Getting a sump pump installed can relieve problems with water associated with bad weather, drainage problems, backups or leaks at the home. 

Fire Damage

Fire damage remains among the top reasons for filing a homeowners insurance claim. Fire can have a disastrous impact on personal property and can destroy an entire home and its contents inside. The smoke can also do a lot of damage. Claims should be filed right away after a fire at your home. Do not wait. Get in touch with an agent to find out what type of coverage options are available for you in Parkersburg, WV. 

How To Protect Your Boat From Hurricane Damage

Hurricanes are huge cyclonic wind storms, which generate and rotate over the water and near shore. The very nature of a hurricane puts all things coastal in danger. Luckily, hurricane season is a fairly predictable time of year. Hurricanes tend to rear their head in the fall along the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico. These two handy facts can help those who live or boat along the coast to prepare ahead of time for storm damage. 

Expect the Worst

Most people find themselves in a bad place with a hurricane because they have underestimated how bad the storm might be. People will refuse to evacuate or protect their belonging appropriately because they simply think the storm will veer away from them. If you are in the path of a hurricane or are under an evacuation notice, then you should most certainly take the notice seriously and follow all precautions you have been given. 

Get Your Boat to Safety

The best thing you can do to protect your boat during a hurricane is to evacuate the boat right along with yourself. If you are evacuating an area, then you should take the boat with you to a safer location. This is the best, tried and true way to avoid hurricane damage to your boat. If you cannot, or are not willing to do that, then you should consider boat storage. There are usually facilities available, especially in areas prone to hurricanes, that will accommodate your boat in a safe location for a rental fee. Although the fee may seem high, you must consider that it is cheaper than losing your boat. 

If you choose to leave your boat in the water during a hurricane, you can expect damage. Be sure that your boat is sufficiently covered by boat insurance to cover any damages. If you would like to learn more about boat insurance, contact Curtis Miller Insurance Parkersburg, WV. Remember, the best place for boats and people during a hurricane is safely evacuated. 


Does It Matter How You Park Your Car On the Street?

At Curtis Miller Insurance, agents are always ready to answer questions their clients may have about traffic laws in Parkersburg, WV. Certain traffic laws can be confusing, that’s why it is important to always ask questions. Many people don’t realize that in West Virginia, it is against the law to park a car on the opposite side of the street, facing the flow of traffic.

Go With the Flow

Whenever you park your car on the street, the right side of the vehicle should always be lined up with the right side of the curb. Never park facing into traffic. Parking so your car is facing traffic can lead to confusion on behalf of other drivers, increasing your risk of your vehicle being involved in an accident. This also holds true for one-way streets as well, at least in some areas.

Obey the Signs

Before you attempt to park on the street, always make sure to look for any signs that designate where you should park. There are certain areas that are designated as "loading zones" where people or goods can be picked up or dropped off. Certain areas have designated parking during specific times. Observing these rules will keep your vehicle safe and prevent you from collecting traffic tickets.

In Parkersburg, WV, residents can contact the agents of Curtis Miller Insurance if they have questions about their insurance policy or are looking to purchase new insurance. Call and schedule an appointment today. The agent will answer your questions and also help you figure out certain traffic laws that you may be unfamiliar with. It’s better to be well-informed than run the risk of getting a parking ticket. 

How Umbrella Insurance Can Protect Your Family

There are many unforeseen mishaps that can happen when hosting a party at your home. Your dog could end up biting the neighbor’s kid, a piece of your housing could fall and injure someone, or someone could injure themselves on your stairwell. What’s worse is that all parties who have been affected on your property could end up suing. Not only would you have to provide medical coverage for the affected parties, you would also have to cover legal fees. This could be incredibly costly and wipe out your finances just to ensure you don’t lose a court battle. This could detrimentally affect your family in many ways, including their financial future. Fortunately, there are preventive solutions available to help you avoid such a mishap.

Umbrella Insurance

You will need the right kind of insurance coverage to protect you from unforeseen incidents. Umbrella insurance covers your home and automobiles by providing an additional amount of coverage for any potential legal fees that may occur in the event of an accident. You can purchase umbrella insurance in increments depending on your net worth. This will ensure the proper amount of coverage depending on how much you own. This will mitigate costs in the event any legal action is taken against you on your property.

Protect Your Family with The Right Coverage

Your family could be at risk if your finances go down the drain due to a court battle. Whether it was your fault or not, these types of incidents can happen at any time. Curtis Miller Insurance is here to help you find the right umbrella insurance policy for your family. We service the Parkersburg, WV area and are ready to assist you with all your insurance needs. Don’t put your family at risk, make sure you have the right coverage today. Your finances are important for securing their future. 

What Umbrella Insurance Covers

Umbrella insurance is designed to offer you additional protection over the liability limits of your current insurance policies. Whether living in Parkersburg, WV or the surrounding communities, umbrella insurance may prove especially beneficial for your personal needs. Curtis Miller Insurance is here to help you understand what exactly umbrella insurance covers.

Added Coverage On Most Insurance Policies

Umbrella insurance doesn’t just cover one form of property or investment. It provided added liability coverage on your home, vehicle, boat, recreational vehicle and other major purchases. This way, if you are ever sued or are forced to rely on your current insurance policy beyond its liability limits, the umbrella insurance coverage will kick in.

What Issues Does Umbrella Insurance Cover

There are all sorts of reasons why you might find yourself on the receiving end of a lawsuit. An injury may occur in or around your property (anything from a guest falling down your stairs to someone slipping on your sidewalk). If you sustain extensive damaged to your property, umbrella insurance will help cover this.

Umbrella insurance also provides bodily injury liability. These kinds of injuries may stem from a family pet (such as a dog biting a guest), from a neighboring child who trips and injures themselves in your yard, or if there is a physical injury that happened during an auto accident deemed your responsibility.

Umbrella insurance is a protective coverage designed to offer improved financial protection in the event sudden expenses exceed that of your current liability limits. There are a number of reasons why this might happen to you when living in the greater Parkersburg, WV area. If you are interested in umbrella insurance, have more questions or want to know what kind of liability limits you currently have, Curtis Miller Insurance is here to assist.

Flood Insurance in WV and Who Needs It

With climate change and the unpredictable weather of certain seasons, floods are happening at unprecedented rates. It can happen to any of us, so West Virginians need to know whether their properties are in flood zones. If you live in Parkersburg, WV, make sure your property is covered for flood damages, because coverage is available even if don’t live in a flood zone. Ask your Curtis Miller Insurance agent for information on what types of coverage you need. In the meantime, here’s some important information about flood coverage.

National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP)

In Parkersburg, WV and throughout West Virginia, the state Insurance Commissioner is responsible for notifying local entities when federally subsidized insurance is available via the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). Your Curtis Miller Insurance agent can help you look up or request this information about your property. Plan ahead, even if a flood seems unlikely in your area because floods are deviously unpredictable.

Home Owner’s Insurance Doesn’t Cover Flood Damage

In the event that damage occurs on your property located in a flood zone, NFIP insurance will help you repair or replace your home and personal property. If you live in a non-flood zone, flood coverage is highly recommended. Be aware that your homeowner’s insurance excludes flood coverage. To get flood insurance, go through a licensed property and casualty insurance agency, such as Curtis Miller Insurance, and request a policy that protects your home and its contents.

Rental properties can also be insurance against flood loss, ask your agent for details.

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Are Firearms Included in Home Insurance?

Many households in Parkersburg, WV possess firearms. It is, therefore, no surprise that the question of whether or not they are covered in home insurance comes up. Since firearms are costly and dangerous, homeowners have the responsibility to know what policies, if any can cover them in case of loss, damage or injury to another person. Curtis Miller Insurance will help you find an insurance cover.

Under basic home insurance policies, guns are considered personal property. They are, therefore, insured as such. Different companies cover different perils for example theft or damage by fire. Some companies offer a wider coverage than others. It is, therefore, advisable to find one that best suits your needs.

Guns can be dangerous. You may accidentally cause property damage or bodily injury. Liability insurance protects you in case you destroy property or hurt someone else with your gun.

If you feel that your insurance policy doesn’t cover you sufficiently, you may seek additional coverage. Most companies offer personal property riders for firearms. They cover you for certain perils that are not covered in the home insurance policy.

You may also find stand-alone policies that cover firearms. Such policies are usually customized for specific customer needs. They are, therefore, likely to offer more personalized coverage.

Guns generally come with a lot of responsibility. The following are some guidelines for safe gun handling;

  • Store guns away from unauthorized people
  • Ensure that your gun is safe for operation
  • Unload guns before storage
  • Learn how to use guns safely
  • Only shoot when sober

At Curtis Miller Insurance, we offer quotes for the gun and other insurance policies. Our knowledgeable and independent agents place the needs of clients first. We help you find a policy that best works.

Call or visit us in Parkersburg, WV to speak to an agent.

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